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Audio: 1353 - The Colors of Change (CD) and book
by Glenda Fletchall

Over a three-week period in the summer of 2005, Glenda was inspired to write some songs that capture the flood of emotions we experience in grief. “They came pouring out of me while driving across the desert, often awakening me at night, and consuming my days until all twelve songs were completed”. Each song has a story behind it that reflects some aspect of her life and truly empathizes with the myriad of emotions so familiar to grievers. Glenda's heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals normalize the grief experience and offer hope and encouragement through the difficult times.

These helpful songs reflect the myriad of emotions commonly experienced during grief while offering hope and comfort. Selections include: Here Beside You Now, The Holidays, When I Close My Eyes, You Don’t Know How I Feel, For Stephen and others. The companion book allows a self-help approach to grieving for individuals or groups. Each chapter gives helpful information about the negative emotions of grief along with journaling exercises.

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Price: $21.95